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An All-Around Supplier to Basic and Cutting-Edge Industries
Throughout history, people have put the special characteristics of metal compounds such as copper, tin and nickel to work in various applications that benefit lives and industry. The range of these diverse applications has broadened to include plastics, textiles, paints and inks, and electronics, in addition to materials in cutting-edge industries such as optical communications, secondary and fuel cell batteries.
Nikkasan's chemical products are the result of a half-century of accumulated technology and reliability. Our chemical lineup ranges from catalysts, which form the building blocks of products in diverse industries, to chemicals for plating, coating materials, printing ink, electrical conductivity, ceramics and glass, and battery materials.
In recent years, we have been conducting product development in response to technological innovation in industry. These efforts are exemplified by our launch of en applications.

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Building Materials

Providing Comfortable Homes and Cities
Nikkasan's expertise in following up on the possibilities of metals in all fields has led to new opportunities in the construction industry. Our efforts in this field center on aluminum because of its many excellent characteristics - it looks good, has no deformities, and is light, corrosion-resistant and easy to process. As a result, it has found diverse applications as a material used in the construction of homes and office buildings that contribute to a more comfortable environment. Our many years of experience in plating technology and ability to develop specialty processes to meet the needs of state-of-the-art technologies are Nikkasan strengths. We can provide complete services for aluminum products from planning to execution. We are also involved in processing and plating other types of metal, such as steel and stainless steel. Moreover, Nikkasan has extensive experience in constrvcting skylights that meet modern architectural needs and add natural light to indoor environments. At Nikkasan, we put our technology to work in creating more comfortable homes, offices and cities.

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