President’s Message

Paving the Path to the Future by Exploring the Potential of Metals

Thank you for visiting our website.
Based on our founding philosophy that a company should be
a good corporate citizen and pursue public good together with the society, we at the Nikkasan Group—Nihon Kagaku Sangyo Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary—have, for more than 80 years since our group’s founding in 1939, been striving to manage our business in a transparent and trustworthy manner, by responding to the needs of and growing together with our shareholders, customers/suppliers, employees, local communities, and other stakeholders.
We have achieved our growth to date by developing products of high quality and high added value that meet customer needs, pursuing opportunities in new areas, and delivering results in doing so, in two core business areas: our Chemicals business, which is centered on organic and inorganic industrial chemicals, and our Building Materials business, which is centered on our unique processed metal products.
In response to globalization, we have established a subsidiary in Thailand which manufactures and sells industrial chemicals. We have also established a representative office in Hanoi, Vietnam, and we are looking to further expand our business in Southeast Asia.
Nonferrous metals such as copper and nickel are used in many different industries, and as the electrification of automobiles and proliferation of information technology in the society progresses, we expect to play an increasingly critical role as a supplier of battery materials, functional materials, and reagents used in manufacturing processes.
Amidst today’s ever-changing natural environment and social climate, we seek to further enhance our corporate value and play our part in resolving the social challenges the world faces, by innovating together as one group, and doing so by leveraging our unique technology and seeking to achieve a harmony with the natural environment.
We would very much appreciate your continued support and understanding in our endeavor.

October 2023, President,