Handling of personal information

1.Compliance with related laws, guidelines, etc.

We will properly handle personal information by complying with the "Personal Information Protection Act", "Guidelines on the Personal Information Protection Law (General Information)" and other related laws and regulations.

2.Purpose of using personal information

ⅰ.Personal information of officers and employees etc. of business customers

  1. Negotiations, Business contacts, Ordering business
  2. Performance of business
  3. Information on new products and new business etc.

ⅱ.In the building materials business, personal information we receive from our customers related the owners of buildings

  1. Fulfillment of duties received from our customers

ⅲ.Personal information of employment applicants etc.

  1. Judgment on applicability of applicants
  2. Contact employment applicants
  3. Joining company procedures

ⅳ.Personal information of our officers and employees

  1. Business contact, internal office work processing
  2. Work related to personnel management
  3. Work related to labor management
  4. Work related to wages, bonuses, retirement allowances, corporate pensions, etc.
  5. Work related to education and training
  6. Work related to welfare benefits
  7. Work related to health management
  8. Work related to security management
  9. Work related to the stock holding group
  10. Contact from the company to officers, employees and their families
  11. Work related to or incidental to each of the above items

ⅴ.Personal information of our website users

Websites operated by the Nikkasan Group—Nihon Kagaku Sangyo Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary use cookies in order to, among others, track, analyze and improve usage of those websites.
Some of those websites use Google Analytics.
Please refer to here with respect to the mechanism of collection and processing of data by Google Analytics, and the Privacy Policy applicable to Google Analytics.

3.Contact point for questions

For questions and complaints concerning the handling of personal information at our company, as well as procedures for disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc. of our own personal data, please contact the following counter.
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