Our Overseas Business

Since our founding, we have primarily served the domestic industries of Japan by supplying metal-based organic and inorganic compounds. In 2000, on the outskirts of Ayutthaya in Thailand, we established SIAM NKS Co., Ltd as a subsidiary that manufactures and sells chemicals.
SIAM NKS Co., Ltd. started with the manufacture/sales of electroless nickel plating solution but has subsequently expanded its product portfolio in response to the globalization of the economy and the overseas expansion of our customers. In conjunction with our office in Hanoi, Vietnam, the company is proactively pursuing manufacturing/sales activities primarily by targeting customers in Southeast Asia.
When it comes to Taiwan, South Korea, and China, for many years we have not only exported our products directly from Japan, but also delivered our products through local distributors. Going forward, we are looking to expand our business even further and globally, by proposing products of high added value based on our unique technology to meet the needs of our customers, including new customers in Europe and the Americas.

Please see the SIAM NKS site.