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The building materials division has developed the products under a slogan specified by keywords for building materials-related products-fire protection, aeration (ventilation), and waterproof.
Starting with Aluminum Venetian Blind (Azekura A Type and Azekura F Type) including a capability of air permeability, we have developed many products such as Aluminum Louvers "Whisper 2000" including a capability of fire- and water-proof.
In addition, we have developed ventilation hardware used for parts of fire-preventive construction using the Nikkasan's own forming technologies of rolling, bending, and pressing.
As a result, we have succeeded in the development of "Fire Proof Ventilation Cutoff Edging", which was certified for the first time by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Thus, the products are used in a wide range of customers including major house makers.
Furthermore, we have developed Heat Exchanger "Cool Fin", which releases heat generated inside an electronic devices externally, by using bending work techniques.
It has been put on the market of the machine-tool industry.
In addition, we deals with Coping・Hondrails, Pro/Fit Nent Roof, Mail Post "View Post", Approach Stainless Steel Handrails.

  • Plancier Air Vent
  • Nent Roof
  • Finish Hardware
  • Mail Post
  • Approach Stainless Steel Handrails
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Metal Eaves Fascia And Cold Rolling Forming Hardware

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