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Introduction of the building materials Division

Having the corporate motto "Be alongside metals like coexisting with them, and you can pave the road to the future", Nikkasan has expanded its business into the processing field of metals including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, by making full use of expertise accumulated in the chemicals division. It is the building materials division to take on the responsibility.
The division has developed Aluminum Venetian Blind, Plancier Air Vent, Aluminum Louvers, Mail Post, Hondrails/Coping by taking advantage of technologies accumulated in the chemical division, which supports chemical industry which has advanced one to two steps ahead every other industry that uses chemicals as raw materials and has developed even the whole industry.
The division consists of the mainstay housing-related field which provides comfortable living environment, the machine tool-related field which deals in devices including heat exchangers, and the metal processing field in which the special expertise nurtured in roll forming can be applied.
Although these fields work unspectacularly, they supply products diligently while pursuing durability, safety, and convenience for products so as to fulfill the function of supporting the background of customer's daily life.

Nikkasan's Residentiai Building Materials

Centering on our rolling and plating technological capabilities, Nikkasan manufactures home construction products and materials ranging from ceiling panels to gables, decorative columns, verandas, aluminum shutters, Iouvers and entranceway roofing. In addition, we were the first in the industry to develop Fireproof Ventilation Cutoff Edging, which provides ideal protection to the roof and eaves. This product blocks ventilation passageways in the event of fire, and has been designated as an authorized fire-prevention product by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Enhancing homes to make them safer and more comfortable is the recurring theme of Nikkasan's materials for residential buildings.

Nikkasan's Commercial Building Materials

Buildings with functional design, buildings incorporating impressive curved forms, glass-walled monoliths, strikingly individual structures that serve as local landmarks...Nikkasan has the materials and technologies to meet every need in building design. Applications range from interior and exterior panels to coping, end rails, decorative side boards and columns, and skylights - the materials that make up the "face" of the building. Nikkasan's extensive experience in renovations as well as new construction make it a reliable partner in any type of project.

Machine Tool-related Products

The Heat Exchanger "Cool Fin", which releases heat generated inside an electronic machine externally, increases the heat exchange rate because of equipping aluminum thin plates with a high thermal conductivity for the radiating fin and of being processed in the Nikkasan's own method.


Roll Forming And Metal Processing

Among various types of forming processes including roller bending and press work, worthy of special note is the roll-forming techniques. The more complicated the shape of metal objects to be formed is, the more Nikkasan's special techniques can be applied. Therefore, the complex forming of the frame of rain shutter doors and the main body of a corner bead have become possible. Furthermore, the metal processing of Makeup Column and Metal Panel is dealt in.

  • Plancier Air Vent
  • Aluminium Venetian Blind
  • Sliding Door And Rail
  • Nent Roof
  • Aluminium Louvers
  • Finish Hardware
  • Mail Post
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Metal Eaves Fascia And Cold Rolling Forming Hardware
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