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●Quality Policy
As a chemical industrial chemical manufacturer, we provide products for various applications in a wide range of industrial fields. The Chemicals Division is under the basic policy of "providing quality that will earn the trust of a wide range of customers," will accurately understand the diverse requirements of customers and provide the products that satisfy them, and will promote the following quality activities.
  1. We maintain a quality management system and conduct internal quality audits to continuously improve the effectiveness of the system.
  2. We will communicate with customers and accurately understand and fulfill requirements.
  3. We will comply with legal requirements such as laws and regulations.
  4. We set quality goals in consideration of the following priority issues and evaluate their achievement.
  • Eradication of Miss Loss Claims
  • Maintain and progression product quality
  • Development of new products and new users, promotion of sales expansion
  • Progression of equipment maintenance
  • Improving personal capabilities
  • Increase the control level of chemical substances and chemical substances contained in products to reduce risks.
May 1st,2020


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