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●Environmental policy
The Chemical Production Division of NIHON KAGAKU SANGYO CO., LTD. produces industrial chemicals used in various industries. We recognize that the importance of proper management of chemical substances and the preservation of the global environment are important issues common to all humankind, and we act in consideration of environmental conservation in all aspects of our business activities. We promote the following environmental conservation activities.
  1. Develop an environmental management system. We will carry out internal audits to maintain and improve our environmental management system through self-management.
  2. We recognize the impact of business activities such as the development and manufacturing of industrial chemicals on the environment, and set and implement environmental objectives and targets within a technically and economically feasible range. We will review them regularly to continuously improve our environmental conservation activities.
  3. We comply with the requirements of environmental laws, regulations and agreements.
  4. We will carry out education, training, and enlightenment activities necessary for environmental conservation in order to improve understanding of environmental policy and environmental awareness of all employees.
  5. As a member of a corporate citizen, we recognize the importance of coexisting with the local community and society, and promote social contribution activities through environmental conservation and beautification activities.
  6. If we are requested to disclose our environmental policy, we will do so.
  7. The Chemical Production Division will work on the following items as priority issues for environmental management to reduce the environmental load.
  • Promotion of energy saving, resource saving, and global warming prevention
  • Promotion of resource recycling and waste reduction
  • Proper management of chemical substances handled and prevention of pollution
  • Consideration of environmental issues at the product development stage
May 1st,2020


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